The End of the World: War Between Worlds Part 1 of 2

Four bachelors in Queens are definitely not social distancing when a UFO abducts them right before an important bodega supply run. Out of their element, they must protect their butts, and figure out how to escape their alien captors.

Listen to linked Pitfall Episode with the Bachelorettes

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1 comment on “The End of the World: War Between Worlds Part 1 of 2

  1. fatbaldhobbit says:

    Many Thanks for posting this!

    Doing the work-from-home-Isolation thing for a coupla’ weeks now and things are getting a bit squirrelly. A new EotW scenario is a nice distraction.

    Oh, and you folks used the cling-to-life rules for Jerry when his elevator-wife killed him in the towering inferno zombie apocalypse. There’s a sentence for you.

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