The End of the World: War Between Worlds Part 2 of 2

After losing one of their own, the bachelors are in a race against the clock to escape the UFO that’s surely sending them deep into outer space. It’ll take some good old fashioned nerdy ingenuity to get these extraterrestrials to take them home.

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1 comment on “The End of the World: War Between Worlds Part 2 of 2

  1. Dean says:

    Hi all.

    Great episode once again

    Answering the first question “What was the alien’s weakness” I would suggest a allergic reaction to ginger (and thus having the ultimate weapon all along in the ginger bread cookie)

    Also I think there should be a final scene where Carter’s phone beeps and there is a text from Laura (Lauren?) with the words
    “Can we talk, I think I made a mistake breaking up with you”

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