The Most Important Part of Fandible

Fan_(Electric)_(PSF)Jesus brings the leadership. Angela bring the smarts. Daniel brings the tech. David brings the voices. And I? I bring the sexiness (and the willingness to do anything to get an inkling of attention, Dad). Fandible is Fandible because the five of us have worked hard through the years (wow, years?) to make this podcast become an enduring (and endearing?) place on the internet. However, the most important thing that made Fandible possible is the fans. And I’m saying that in the most pandering way possible. You guys are the reason we are still willing to get together every weekend to game. You’re the reason we’ve never missed a deadline.

So, thanks.

What, you want me to say more? Geesh, egotist much?


Deep breath.

We love talking to you all and we love hearing your comments. However, there are a few fans that have gone beyond that! PencilMonkey gave us our first few videos on Youtube with his artwork. John Quiett from wrote us a fantastic blog post about our site. And of course how can I forget the unofficial sixth member of the Fandible crew: The Fanditoaster which was provided by Lucek (along with two games we’re going to play, I swear!). Now Fandible has another addition to fan-created works and we’re proud to show the link here!

TV Tropes – Fandible

Yes, we are now on TV Tropes! And it looks like someone (or many someones) have filled it with numerous ‘facts’ about the Fandible crew. Yes, even our creative minds fall into tropes, and you all can start documenting them here! We don’t know who started this page for us, but know that we are truly excited to have this in our fan-made arsenal. And we welcome everyone to take part in this amazing page. If you remember a certain trope in our podcast’s past, do not hesitate to slap it on the page.

With this new addition to the Fandipire (mahahaha!), we’re excited to say that this summer, Fandible will debut a fan section on the site. Want to draw something involving Fandible? We’ll post it (… if appropriate)! Want to create a Youtube video for Fandible? We’ll post it (… if appropriate. Seriously, don’t make this weird)! Want to review us on your blog? We’ll post it (… you know what I’m going to say. Seriously, we have the right to not post inappropriate, sexist, racist, hedonist, poltergeist, geologist, ect material)! So if you have a creative bone in your body, and you want to share it with the Fandipire (mahahaha!), feel free to submit it to If you’ve already submitted your work to us in the past, and want it in the fan section of the site, please contact us at with the link to the work so we know we can share it again.

Thanks for being our fans. Without you guys, then Fandible would be just five people sitting around a table without pants.

Remember – You can’t spell Fandible without the ‘fan’.

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About the Author
Billy started out his roots like many roleplayers - D&D. Playing it and then Vampire all through highschool and college, Billy picked it all up again when he made the move from Michigan to New York. Now working in publishing, Billy does what he can to view roleplaying games through a narrative's lens. Does that sound classy as balls? It should.

10 comments on “The Most Important Part of Fandible

  1. Warren says:

    I have to disagree Billy, I’ve always thought that the most important part of Fandible is the ‘dible’. That’s what keeps me coming back week after week.

  2. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    I don’t know who you think you are, Warren, but you’ve just made my shit list. I will be killing an NPC with your name next time I play. You hear me? AN NPC! The proverbial nerd slap!

    The ‘dible’ is the least important part. Hell, we could totally do this entire thing without the ‘dible’. The people will get behind me on this one. Fan is more important to dible – Jeez, what kind of sick person could possibly think other wise? What? Do you believe Bella should have gone with Jacob at the end of Twilight? Maybe you’re the type to root for the Decepticons the entire Transformer movie? Or maybe you just love watch the Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commercial so you can see the dying hope in those animals’ eyes.

    Warren, what I’m pretty much saying is that anyone who thinks the ‘dible’ is the most important part of Fandible can just walk away now. They are dead to me. Their family is dead to me. Their future is dead to me. The only thing of theirs that isn’t dead to me is their lovers – and that’s only because I will be making the effort to seduce them, make them fall in love with me, and then going off to create a family of ‘Fan-is-the-most-important-part-of-Fandible’ with them. Three kids, a dog, and a picket fence. Booyah.

    You are worse than Lord Joffrey.

  3. FandibleDave says:

    Sorry Warren, I should have mentioned that Billy gets upset when people talk about his ‘dible.

    I mean you really fanned the flames of his anger.

    Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all night!

  4. Nate says:

    Awesome! This makes me want to go back and re-listen to the old stuff all over again.

    Also: I’m for the “dible”, too. Really, who would come back week after week to listen to “fan”? No one, that’s who.

  5. Warren says:

    HERETIC!! Who, in their right mind, would think that ‘fan’ is the best part. You can find a crate of us fans in the bargain bin at the dollar store.

    ‘Dible’ is where it’s at. ‘dible’ is where the magic comes from; the soul; the very essence of all that is good and true! Fans are more empty and flaccid than those pants that you’re not wearing at the table.

    Anyone who doesn’t think ‘dible’ is the most important part has clearly taken a few too many head shots from Fanditoaster-propelled pop tarts.

  6. Jake says:

    Warren is absolutely correct. “Dible” the audio recording equipment is the most important part of the podcast. Without Dible’s constant vigilance recording your words every week there wouldn’t be a Fandible podcast.

  7. Syren says:

    But what would happen if the fans provided the dible for the podcast via anonymous gift?

  8. Thanak Drahz says:

    Syren, you have just blown my mind.

  9. Foxbear says:

    Daww thanks guys! Glad to be a Fandible Fan and will be for a long time!

  10. Pencil-Monkey says:

    The VERY best part of fandible is that it’s been mentioned in a book.

    Which book? Why, it’s “How to Raise Your I. Q. by Eating Gifted Children”, by Lewis B. Frumkes, of course.

    “You have to be so smart to roleplay this stupid”, indeed.

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