Surviving a purger loose in the facility and some angry thugs, the members of CAP begin to hope that the only thing they need to worry about now is saving lives. Sadly, people with other agendas make that impossible.

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5 comments on “The Ward: Do No Harm 2 of 2

  1. Captain Red Ram says:

    Billy did a good job setting up the situation, it felt tense dealing with everyone trying to screw over CAP. Jennifer was a hard ass and it worked. I love it when you do medical groups in games.

    If I was in CAP probably some sort of internal support or running a food stall.

  2. Jamas Enright says:

    Hmm… what RPG would you run *during* Purge ‘No Laws’ Night?

  3. Fairystail says:

    an rpg run during urge
    Id do a game of DnD that isnt about being murder hobos but going around and making friends with all species, monstrous or not, good or evil. You shall befirend them all
    Oh you mean a game set during purge night?

    I would like to see just how it would affect Unhallowed Metropolis, a place where murder is almost legal as it is but to run
    Id like to run/play a supers game
    How can you be a superhero when literally everyone is trying to murder everyone. and what if other heroes get in on the murder?

  4. Fairystail says:

    I need to learn how to type. I do it for a job god damn it

  5. Seeds says:

    That was a really excellent game and it was really good for you all to go back and try PBTA again. PBTA games really seem to be something that just clicks with people or doesn’t, I’ve been read the Sprawl (Cyberpunk PBTA game) and although I love the idea of it etc I know that it would be so different to everything my group has played. Something Billy said about the rolls being used not to say if the action was successfully but what happens to the narrative, that seems right.

    Also the intro/outro music is always good but something about the clip used for this game seems so right.

    Unrealtated, just noticed the current Kickstarter recomondationsis Capers, that seems like such a Fandible game.

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