The science team must head to Yellowstone to face a bestial yet logical enemy. Yeah, it didn’t make much sense to them either.

Intro Music: Chee Zee lab by Kevin Macleod

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3 comments on “Atomic Robo Ep 2: The Life Mathematic

  1. Jake says:

    I love your Atomic Robo characters and playstyle so much. It occurs to me that Dr. Ellwood appears to have invented warp travel – and not Gellar Fields.

    Good work creating another Daniel Kunan everybody!

  2. Warren says:

    Dear Mr Coffing,

    We must request that you cease making these vicious attacks on the founder and president of our organisation, NAMKLA.

    The love between a man and a fictional lizardy creature is a beautiful and natural thing. It’s expression is undeserving of your continual attacks, like the one near the beginning of this episode. If they persist, you can expect to hear from our lawyers (just as soon as we can find some with low enough morals to take us as clients)

  3. Peripheral says:

    Glad to see this setting and characters again. They’re so wonderfully absurd.

    And in the ongoing humiliation of Intern Dr. Brewster, I love how in his rant about being a real doctor and doing actual awesome things, he gets his own name wrong.

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