Invited to a corporate event on Christmas eve, team action-science expects a boring conference with lackluster PowerPoint presentations. Thankfully, a malfunctioning A.I. will make the afterparty a bit more exciting.

Intro Music: Chee Zee lab by Kevin Macleod

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2 comments on “Atomic Robo Ep 6: Merry Christmas Every00001

  1. Fabian says:

    Merry Christmas, Fandible! The gift I would leave for Lucas, Thomas, Clementine, and Arianna would be a nuclear weapon that they would be lured to at the bottom of my evil lair. If they can figure out how to disarm it in thirty seconds, they get to keep it.

  2. Warren says:

    Cigs and whiskey (left outside door so as to avoid any contact)
    Garage-warming potted plant (fake so as to avoid the need to keep anything real alive)
    Mindwipe + a sharpened stick from the inbetween
    More interns (“We’re going to need another Timmy!”)

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