Atomic Robo

Atomic Robo Ep 6: Merry Christmas Every00001

Invited to a corporate event on Christmas eve, team action-science expects a boring conference with lackluster powerpoint presentations. Thankfully, a malfunctioning A.I. will make the afterparty a bit more exciting.

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Atomic Robo Ep 5: Quantum Madness

The Tesladyne employees must infiltrate a pseudo science convention to investigate something that may be able to alter reality itself. Yeah, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

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Atomic Robo Ep 1: The Deadliest Topping

The Tesladyne corporation has a proud history of Action scientists who go out into the field to search out new mysteries and new scientific theories to help mankind. Sadly, those guys are busy when a Tesladyne testing facility goes dark.

Can three “action” scientists and a intern figure out whats going on or will they suffer a fate worse then death…….well…actually….death is pretty horrible…OK, a fate worse then maiming.

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