New World Of Darkness

Chronicles of Darkness: Leslie

The students of Wheaton High thought this Prom would be a night they would never forget. After one final prank, it would be the last night they would ever remember.

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Chronicles of Darkness: The Shambling Ep 3

Low on supplies, the discovery of a isolated tree house and nearby food gives the survivors a bit of hope. As always, such hope is short lived in a world ruled by the shambling.

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Chronicles of Darkness: Shrouded Lullaby

{Content note: The following episode contains non-comedic themes of child abuse}

The three imaginary friends of Kendra Walters are her helpers and her support in a world of grownups. Each representing an aspect of her personality, they help fight off all threats of childhood from an annoying brother to the monster under the bed. But what happens, when an event triggers an evil no child should ever have to face?

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