Chronicles of Darkness: The God Machine Chronicles Ep 5 part 2 of 2

Time, Space, History, Humanity. All these are tools of the God Machine. Tools necessary for one unknown goal. Now, the team must figure out the mind of a god in order to figure out how to save the human race.

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5 comments on “Chronicles of Darkness: The God Machine Chronicles Ep 5 part 2 of 2

  1. Jake says:

    It’s always fun reading about the Cold War, and seeing how many times we came within a hair’s breadth of nuclear armageddon. Good times. You can find more about Stanislav Petrov at this delightfully poorly designed site:

    Anyway, great campaign Daniel/Fandible! You did a great job turning this all into one beautifully connected story, bound together as tight as string. Hopefully anyone who “survived” this campaign can show up in the next NWOD game, so that they can be blamed by everyone for everything.

  2. crawlkill says:

    mmm, the “humans were created by endgame civilizations to precipitate unusual elements” theory. one of my favorites.

  3. Syren says:

    Great episode as always guys, a nice little bow to tie up all the pieces. Meanwhile, moments of amusement during the podcast form me personally.

    16m24s: Billy…was that a CoC reference? I fucking love you man.

    1h24m45s: I’d totally ask if this man a homosexual.

    1h24m55s: *intense sequence of throwing things, fist pumping and yelling at my player about how fucking in Dan’s brain I am and pleading the rest of Fandible to force Jesus to go all sexual chocolate on that mutha*

    1h35m: Time, Mr Freeman?

    But yes once again great fun listening here on the opposite side of the earth. Looking forward to Daemons.

  4. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    “Billy…was that a CoC reference? I fucking love you man.”

    Er… I know not of what you are talking about. I have no comment. I learned it from watching you. I don’t speak English. You’re the communist, not me!

    (Yes, yes, I know of the game. I played it for a bit until I got ‘eaten’ by a plant monster around level 5. It’s like a game version of a Demonica novel!)

  5. Honeybear says:

    Hmm, so I’m guessing at least Dave is watching that Mage kickstarter?

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