Dark Heresy Ep 5: Of Mice and Nobles part 2 of 4

*Warning* These games are some of the first games we ever ran and as such, the audio quality isn’t great.*

The group continues its investigation, learning more about the poison that ravaged the noble house. They soon discover that a armed society is a polite society mainly because the impolite tend not to live very long.

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3 comments on “Dark Heresy Ep 5: Of Mice and Nobles part 2 of 4

  1. Darkflame says:

    Excellent game but more comments about your play style and suggestions as I am an experienced Dark Heresy / Rogue Trader Gamemaster.

    1. Remember that many weapons have a penetration value and ignore points of armor based on penetration. You generally have been ignoring this fact in combat.

    2. Chain Weapons are RENDING, they roll an extra d10 for damage and pick the highest. Likewise many Las weapons have the “Reliable” quality and don’t jam unless you roll a jam on the attack and then roll a 10 on a D10 to see if it actually jams. Power weapons tend to also have a high AP value, remember to use this!

    3. Most non-powered / non-monoedged weapons have the “Primitive” quality and thus non-primitive armor doubles its value aginst it. Likewise non-primitive weapons half protection of primitive armor.

    4. Fate Points can be spent to heal 1d5 wounds, remember this when your characters start taking lots of damage. Heck your PC’s should spend their fate points more often!

    5. For average mooks, don’t bother with “Critical Damage”, just kill em at 0 wounds, it makes combat flow quicker. Only give critical wounds to PC’s, credible threats and “Named” advasaries.

  2. Darkflame says:

    Ah and another thing. Ranged Weapons have bonuses/penalties based on the distance from the target. These are:

    +30 = Point Blank Range: Ranged attacks get this bonus when the attacker is 3 meters from an enemy (or 2 squares away in the case of using a battlemat with 2 meter squares like I do). This does not apply in close combat however where you actually get a -20 penalty to shoot and no regular bonus. Only pistols can be fired in close combat.

    +10 = Short Range: Short range is granted with attacks within 1/3rd the max range of the weapon. So generally within 10 meters is a safe rule of thumb to apply this bonus (or 5 squares if you use a battle mat). This does not stack with point blank, you get one or the other.

    Also remember shooting into an active close combat is a flat -20 to avoid hitting an ally (but bonuses for Point Blank and short range still apply to offset this penalty). I do inact a house rule that you can ignore the penalty fully and just wail into the combat but you risk hitting someone other than your intended target. In addition I also make it risky to Semi/Full auto into a close combat as firing a full auto burst into a bunch of clumped people seldom goes well (Unless they’re all enemies of course, then go nuts!)

    Of course with abstract combat using narratives, its up to the Gamemaster to decide to use these modifiers or not as it can be often tough to gadge distance without a battle mat or tabletop.

  3. Hi, discovered the cast about a month ago as I prepare for running my first Deathwatch campaign at Easter. I love the show you put on, thanks.

    I hope some time you do a Deathwatch campaign yourselves, as an incentive I should remind you of the Betcher’s Gland that gives a Marine benefits for eating his enemies. 😉


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