Dark Heresy

*Warning* These games are some of the first games we ever ran and as such, the audio quality isn’t great.*

An acolyte is a tool. In the hidden war between loyalist and heretic, the acolyte is the nail in the right place, the hammer blow that stops enemies dead, or the scalpel that excises the corruption from the hearts of imperial citizens. But like all tools, most break, and can easily be replaced. Especially in a galaxy with billions of worthy candidates.

The tools of Inquisitor Imahzi serve him to the best of their ability. These beings from all walks of life serve for honor, for greed, for fear, or maybe for lack of other choices. But these tools have no urge to be broken. The trials before them will either forge them into true weapons, or break them, as they have broken millions before.

Dark Heresy Actual Play Episodes

Episode 1: Heart of Ambulon/ part 2 / part 3

Episode 2: Soul of Ambulon/ part 2/ part 3/ part 4

Episode 3: Psyker hunt/ part 2/part 3

Episode 4: Psyker Found

Episode 5: Of Mice and Nobles/ part 2/ part 3/ part 4

Episode 6: RATT! Can you dig it?/ part 2/ part 3

Episode 7: The Chaos Hive/ part 2

Episode 8: Final Summons/ part 2

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