Dark Heresy Ep 5: Of Mice and Nobles part 4 of 4

*Warning* These games are some of the first games we ever ran and as such, the audio quality isn’t great.*

With the Source of the Poison discovered, the group prepares an assault on the former great house. Luckily, they find out that things are always simpler with an army at your back.

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4 comments on “Dark Heresy Ep 5: Of Mice and Nobles part 4 of 4

  1. Inquisitor Teivel says:

    I just need to point out, this entire scenario was amazing and quite hilarious. I’d throw this scenario at my players if they weren’t currently in the middle of a campaign.

    As for Theodorus….I can’t wait this this guy becomes a Legate Investigator, Interrogator or even, Emperor forbid, an Inquisitor…. Having actual authority to back his bombast would make him a hundred times more dangerous (to the team and everyone in the general area).

  2. Inquisitor Teivel says:

    ((I made the previous comment prior to hearing the torture scene))

    That torture scene was very very…confronting. My team of accolytes certainly get their hands dirty but that sort of cold, intelectual manipulation…it’s more confronting than say, carpet bombing a contaminated neighbourhood from 10,000 feet.

    My Prime would probably have sent the child to the Scholla Progenium or the church. Repentence through deed is a big thing for them.

    If he was too old though they probably would have recomended that the child be returned to leadership of the house, aided by either members of the Ordos Famulous or Ordos friendly agents…good to have contacts in noble families ( although this would have depended more on carfully controling the child’s perceptions of events)

    All in all though, well played, and good to listen to.

  3. Arvandus says:

    Ya, I learned the important lesson as the GM that what works great when watching it passively on a show like dexter is a bit more…. intense when roleplaying it out. Especially with great roleplayers who go 100% into thier roles. Have great roleplayers who are also great actors (billy) and things go places I didn’t see coming.
    We all agreed that it A) was a great session and B) maybe Billy should find a nice place with padded walls and a nice snuggly straight jacket. : )

  4. j says:

    So many Claires in this universe. Great game.

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