Dark Heresy Ep 6: RATT! Can you dig it? part 2 of 3

*Warning* These games are some of the first games we ever ran and as such, the audio quality isn’t great.*

Forcing her into a tournament, the denizens of gun metal learn a terrible truth. Good, Bad, Ratt’s the one with the LAS!!!

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1 comment on “Dark Heresy Ep 6: RATT! Can you dig it? part 2 of 3

  1. phantomoftruth says:

    Per Errata,
    “The description of the Accurate quality on page 128 should include the addition “When firing a single shot from a single Basic Weapon with the Accurate quality benefiting from the Aim action, the attack gains an extra d10 of damage for every two degrees of success to a maximum of two extra d10.” That shot on Grendal? 3d10 plus the d10 for the Fury, 4d10 of Long Las luvins.

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