Dark Heresy Ep 1: Heart of Ambulon part 3 of 3

*Warning* These games are some of the first games we ever ran and as such, the audio quality isn’t great.*

The end of our first session of Dark Heresy. Listen as the acolytes learn that through understanding, calm assertive energy, and the healing power of violence, even the toughest gangsters can be swayed to your side.

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2 comments on “Dark Heresy Ep 1: Heart of Ambulon part 3 of 3

  1. Brother Julianus says:

    I just heard the entire Heart of Ambulon. 1st time I have listened to a Pod on a live game. Your group and game was liked a lot. My problem which I am hoping you fix as you continue is the fact that your players where each taking two attack (1/2 actions) in a round, which they should never repeat the same half action in the same round. Glad you finally seemed to catch that Toughness subtracted from damage receive (unless specifically stated other wise). Thank you and your group for providing an entertaining Pod Cast.

  2. j says:

    Haha, these are great.

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