Dresden Files Ep 2: Love and Mind Control part 2 of 3

The magic misfits get ever closer to figure out what happened to Diane and realize that no matter the temptation, you should never poke a potential problem with a stick.

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3 comments on “Dresden Files Ep 2: Love and Mind Control part 2 of 3

  1. Darkflame says:

    Great game! Just love the dynamics. Just a little nit pick though. Supernatural Speed gives a bonus to initiative, so Emu-Guy should have gone faster than a three.

  2. 3rik says:

    Not being particularly interested in the Dresden Files RPG, nor very familiar with the Dresdenverse, I started listening to this to get the creative urban fantasy juices flowing for a game I plan to run using the Angel RPG.
    So far, It’s been a great listen! The setting is great but the system comes across as terribly fiddly. Is this really just because of your unfamiliarity with it?

  3. Arvandus says:

    Honestly yes. Once we became more familiar with the system it began to flow allot easier. We had allot of fun with it. You’ll find the later Dresden games we post seem to run a bit smoother.

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