Trapped in a time where witch burnings were a fun past time and the black plague was that new disease hitting the streets, the magic misfits must find a way from stopping the blue bloods from changing history. Of course, they will have to avoid changing history themselves in the process.

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2 comments on “Dresden Files Ep 5: The Medieval Blues

  1. Euphaleric says:

    .:Begin sap:.
    I’m glad you guys had fun playing the game, because I had fun listening. 😀
    .:End Sap:.

    Anyway holy shit balls, “Shit! Shit! Fuck! Fate point! Fate Point!”
    I lost my mind when that happened.

    Great game, folks.

  2. Manifest says:

    I have to say I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. I think you guys have great chemistry and an awesome GM who can really spin a story. I hope you guys keep releasing more Dresden Files episodes.

    P.S. Do you think Daniel would be willing to share the Blue Court Vampires’ stats with me. Just interested in their make-up.

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