GTRT Ep 11: Player Dynamics, PC Archetypes, RPG False Starts & Dream Projects

FandibleFeatured5 Geeks, 1 Roundish Table. We talk about our favorite PC interactions, what character types we tend to play, games we almost ran, and our dream projects.

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3 comments on “GTRT Ep 11: Player Dynamics, PC Archetypes, RPG False Starts & Dream Projects

  1. Syren says:

    For the first question I was definitely talking about the Barsha/Marcarius combo more than what happened in Unhallowed Metropolis. Characters that weren’t made for each other, but became truly coordinated to the point you can hardly imagine them unassociated without really even trying. Though hearing about the struggle that Unhallowed Metropolis was, was very interesting.

    Those moments when you feel like you’ve developed superior rapport with the other players really is my favorite moment in gaming.

    As for character types, yeah I can definitely see that in all you guys. And you know Daniel if David can ever figure out how to kill the gunorc in Shadowrun being a luckmeister is a very legitimate character build in Shadowrun. You become good at EVERYTHING, because you got the edge to risk.

    Billy how did we get so synchronized in questionville to actually be so capably segued between our questions.

    I love being the bad guy. I love being the morally ambiguous guy. I guess I just have an affinity towards it, and I often like to Dr. Doom it, where I am the worst best person to do what needs to be done.

    For me I will never play an Eclipse Caste in an Exalted Solar game again. I found myself trying to do the incredible, political, economic way of taking over the world. But EVERYONE else, because of how the other castes are built, punch their fists through nearly all our problems. Only the Eclipse Caste is made to deal with the bigger problems that come with ruling an empire, and in the beginning you will feel just so outside. And I never got a chance to get to the point where I was really fixing things.

    To note, Lupin the 3rd was a manga. A movie. Then a series. Another movie. Now a live action movie.

    You know I’m pretty sure you guys can do a serious game, since you are all personally aware of how jokey you guys can be. I mean I remember when the revelation came in Shady Hills shit just got so real that you kept on track for the remainder.

    Also Warhammer 40k is definitely capable of being full of humor, because its despair has twisted around so far that you come back to Fandible levels. Believe me you are not the only people thinking this. It is also good to be funny because every time you joke it diminishes Matt Ward and his horrific contributions to 40k.

    You know I’ve never seen anything particularly awkward about uplifted animals. I think because I started with the game Jesus is prolly thinking about Eclipse Phase. My group has long desired to run a fully successful game of it because we love the setting, but we always fall short due to interplayer scheduling and character building burnout because god help me if it isn’t kinda complicated. Uplifted animals in the setting as lore are just something that I respect, then again my group also takes the lore racial bumps pretty seriously in Shadowrun. So blah.

    When I mentally think of a fandibrawl game I already see all the characters in my head. I see them all drawn in a sort of Scott Pilgrim/Metal Slug style, I can see their combat entrances and even their super moves, I’d totally want to have like Guilty Gear style instant kill moves that eliminate your bar if you miss. I dig fighting games for sure so it seems so easy for me to visualize. Really wish I could draw.

    Dan your suggestion is probably my favorite. I been playing like that for years and I’d totally dig dropping into something like that.

    David the whole panel thing does seem like something you guys might be capable of, though I really would be interested in figuring out what big ol topics you might be lecturing about. Though the drop by and drink meetups seem pretty cool too.

    Have made very solid attempts to blow myself, never quite went the distance.

    See ya’ll next time.

  2. Warren says:

    I agree with the rest of the crew that you are way funnier than you give yourself credit for, Angela. And I don’t say that because you are the token munchkin (or woman, for that matter)
    What you give as a reason to take the strength of that compliment, the silence that comes before the comedy snipes, is the very essence of timing.

    I +1 Captain Awesomepants & Barsha having had some of the most wonderful moments of unprepared character flow.

    Eclipse Phase is definitely one of those games that the Fandicrew would need to find some steam vents for. There is a lot of the dark in it.

    Like Syren, I am most interested in Daniel’s unlimted-time idea. I’m also very appreciative of Angela’s project because I nerdlove a good index and tagging collections.

    Some of us might need a little notice to make it all the way to NY for a meetup. Billy may be willing to walk 500 miles but most of us aren’t that fit.

  3. CaptainStabby says:

    40k has taken itself much more seriously as things have progressed edition to edition, but there are still some hints of the old RT stuff here and there. If you can find a copy of the Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer, it’s absolutely brilliant.

    If you do Pathfinder I think you should all play Bards, and be a traveling metal band, because that would be epic.

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