GTRT Ep 22: Villian Backstories, Loudmouthed Heroes, and Our Favorite Apocalypse

FandibleFeatured5 Geeks, One Roundish Table. In this weeks GTRT, we discuss potential villain backstories, heroes we want to shut up, and our favorite end times scenarios.

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8 comments on “GTRT Ep 22: Villian Backstories, Loudmouthed Heroes, and Our Favorite Apocalypse

  1. Syren says:

    David, the sort of idea that your apocalypse is, is the one I happened to be thinking of which is usually referred to as a memetic virus. Now on a basic level this is usually just a really catchy idea like a song or image or cat video, but there is a slight assumption that an incredibly advanced meme could instigate some sort of inception where something like the Signal can just seed that kind of horrific mindset across anyone who is infected by its noise.

    You get a whole lot of these kinds of threat in games like Eclipse Phase, where you have these god level intelligences that can program this shit up at will.

  2. Mawdrigen says:

    Donna Noble for evvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrr….

    Seriously best companion since, err, leela I suspect!

  3. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Great to hear about The Lion King: the David’s Mom edition. 🙂

    BTW, did you enjoy the HEX Fandible fan-rewrite of Scar’s song, Be Prepared?

  4. Warren says:

    Garrus is my homeboy too as he is my wife’s (she’s just approaching the final part of ME1 for the first time).

    Agreed, Donna Noble was best individual companion of Dr Who. Most tragic end of all.

    Angela, you got within a whisker of the show title I was shouting in my head: My So Called Apocalypse. Nobody understands the special pain of a teenager just trying to make it through high school in a post-apocalyse.

    Also, Numenera! I love every time anyone, anywhere mentions it.

  5. DefaultWinter says:

    You wanted to know what was going on behind the scenes with Jafar? That exists.

    Well, it exists in musical format. The whole movie from Jafar’s perspective who is trying to save his beloved kingdom from a senile sultan, a spoiled brat of a princess, and a street rat who is using the infinite power of a genie just to sleep with a girl.

    PS: I would love to see you guys do a villain game where you are well meaning people who keep getting portrayed as the monsters.

  6. Blightedmarsh says:

    Scar has been done. It was one of the straight to video sequels that Disney has been addicted to the last decade.

  7. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Great GTRT, few things: David’s closing voice sounds like the Mad Hatter from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland…but slasher crazy not children’s cartoon crazy.
    Also, it’s more than a little funny that your HEX players saw the Stealth Section of Mountain Wolfenstein and decided to just jump straight to the Rampaging Monster Section of Mountain Wolfenstein. Cause as we all know, “when you feed Nazis to Dinosaurs, we all win” 😀

  8. Fairystail says:

    For my favourite backstory it’s Handsome Jack from Borderlands.
    he is an evil guy there is no denying that, he kills people for the fun of it and is sadistic as all hell but he truy believes himself to be the hero. (spoiler) in tales from the borderlands he does not understand why one of the main characters wouldn’t want to die to allow his body to be used as a flesh puppet for the robot that is housing Jack’s AI brain, he truly does not understand why someone wouldn’t want that.
    His daughter who he kept locked up her whole life because she lost control of her powers and killed his wife, he mourns her death. He calls the player character’s child killers for it.
    Handsome Jack is done over the top like all borderlands characters, he is an evil bastard but you can sympathize with him

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