Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Singles Appreciation day, or Valentine’s Day for all you lucky bastards in relationships (Hate you all : ) ). Thanks for all the support and emails we’ve been getting over the last couple of months. We hope you keep listening in as we get even crazier.

The Future

I know the podcast has been a bit Warhammer 40k centric but more games from other universes are planned for the future. We just, you know, have to get around to doing them.

Daniel: Planning to GM the wonderful world of the Dresden files. I’m planning to play a were-emu…no, im not kidding.

Angela: Planning a steampunk style adventure. Expect lightning guns and bowler hats.

Billy: More crazy NWOD horror as regular people face off against eldritch horrors. Hopefully I get to see cthulu before my eyes melt into my face.

Jesus: As much as I love Warhammer 40k, everyone needs a break. I’m planning a future anime campaign. Sometimes, you just want to have your characters fight an ancient evil with platemail and swords. GIANT ANIME SWORDS!!!

There is no set plans for when this will happen or air since we have lives, but hopefully in the next couple of months. Until then, enjoy my sultry voice as I lead you further into the world for Warhammer 40k.

Thanks for listening to us idiots,

– Jesus Rodriguez

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