Chronicles of Darkness: Into the Deep 2 of 2

The siblings find themselves in mortal danger as the mysterious tunnel reveals its true purpose.

Intro Music: Evening of Chaos by Kevin Macleod (
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4 comments on “Chronicles of Darkness: Into the Deep 2 of 2

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Pocket Rocket Racoon

  2. Captain Red Ram says:

    I love the ‘magic’ book. I was hopping someone would ask who the author was, that would have been an interesting question.

    For Raccoon names I was thinking Richard or Trixie (Trixie likes to draw dicks, see.)

  3. Sam says:

    I’m glad that Billy had to deal with the other side of the “my players are missing all the obvious clues I’m dropping” conundrum, it’s always weird when they get what you’re going for that accurately.

    Also minor spoilers for the episode, but the fact that this came out for both father’s day weekend and pride month is delightful (though a bit unfortunate in regards to David’s character)

  4. Helseth says:

    Another great trip to the Billyverse. I was expecting Jesus to try find the book containing the RV family’s story when you got back to the greyhound, findout how they got out but wasn’t needed.

    As for a Racoon name, similar to CallmeIshma3l suggestion Red Rocket

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