Broken, twisted, or shattered, the mental patients of Shady Hills come in a wide variety of psychoses. But, as three patients are about to discover, those same mental failings may be what they need to discover a truth that not even insanity could free them from. Listen to other Billyverse Horror Games here Listen to our extensive list of games we have played for the podcast

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6 comments on “Chronicles of Darkness: Shady Hills

  1. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    The person running this campaign needs to stop randomly cursing when he can’t think of an adjective.

    “So you see a … uh… fuckin’ car with… uh… tires… and… big fuckin’ tires!”

    Oh.. wait. I was storytelling this campaign. I need to work on that.. >_>

  2. Euphaleric says:

    Guys sounds like a jerk, maybe you should stop inviting him over to your place on game night.

    I have to say though, he has an interesting storytelling technique. Despite the swearing, or perhaps -because- of it?

  3. AKBearmace says:

    Awesome, I like your NWOD actual plays the best out of all the systems. Its so nice to listen to mortal one-shots that play out like well-characterized radio dramas where the narrator will almost certainly kill all characters by the end, even without a predetermined story. 🙂 . I actually enjoy your freeform storytelling system. Would you consider doing a Slasher-themed one-shot? Like one where the antagonist is discovered early and the rest of the game is try to get out alive? Also, I would be a terrible addition to your table as I seem to create incredibly paranoid, folktale and urban legend obsessed mental characters whose instant response to say…a radio playing without electricity in the basement of honey oak would be “I abandon my job, run like hell and fly to Disneyland…thus, I tend to roll the investigator, jack-of all trades support character, and sadly the Storyteller almost always has the antagonist pursue me first, foremost, and fanatically…when I am armed only with a holy water squirt gun and bear mace…But to Reiterate…Slasher story Please Please? Or perhaps a Changeling story? You would have my eternal love and I would be willing to part with the bear mace! 😉 Love your podcasts, keep it up!

  4. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    You know what? I might just consider doing a slasher soon enough!

  5. AKBearmace says:

    Now to figure out how to mail someone my beloved bear mace without being viewed as a possible terrorist…..I might end up on a list or two, lol.

  6. Syren says:

    I want to let you know personally that your impromptu NWOD horror games have created a physical aversion reaction when I try to press the stream button. Not because they are bad, but because I must ask myself if I am ready for this level of mindfuck again.

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