Chronicles of Darkness: Stored Gods part 2 of 2

After a experience with a monster from their worst nightmares, the three auctioneers are thankful to finally head to the hospital. Its staff more than willing to help them get up, walk about, and die a horrible horrible death. Listen to other Billyverse Horror Games here Listen to our extensive list of games we have played for the podcast

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6 comments on “Chronicles of Darkness: Stored Gods part 2 of 2

  1. crawlkill says:

    okay, disjointed sentences strung in a row: fuckin wow, Billy! that was some genuinely unnerving shit the inkbeast was getting off its chest there. very nice. I didn’t pick up on the fact that the game’d been massively derailed at all, either. of all of the actual play podcasts I waste my time on, I gotta say it’s you guys I’ve most come to expect fantastic quick-sum-up histories and characterizations for PCs.

    umm…what else? names for the ink monster? the Think of the Children. the Embrace. the Read-Only. the Moment. ooh, My Name is I Am, for the one-two punch on the deity complex/present-tense-only nature of its brainstate.

  2. zombiehead1 says:

    I have to say that I have loved every single one of the NWOD episodes and this one just seems to tie everything together really nicely. The only names I can think of are Mr. Ink, Mr. Shadow, or The Founder (I dunno, they first encountered it in Founder’s Heights.

  3. Nate says:


    Re: names — ff there *are* more of it in Europe, something like “the mnemophages” (Latin for “memory eaters”) might work? Perhaps popping up in some old tome or something? (I have *no idea* where you might be going with this next!)

    Or, for a more Native American spin, perhaps “Black Water Spirit”, or “Black Water Drinker”, pointing to its “drinking” of memories? Apparently (research, apparently –, Iroquois and Mohauk tribes both discovered and made use of oil, calling it “black water” and believing that it was a gift from the Great Spirit.

    Aaaanyway – MOAR! 😀

  4. Jazon says:

    Brilliant game!
    For the monster, well!
    Mr Blackwell for his human form? A play on inkwells and the colour of ink?

    Creature form?
    The devourer? The Cure? Innocence?

  5. Fabian says:

    The Ink Man. Something to keep in mind–a truly legendary monster or entity could have NUMEROUS names by which he is known. Just think of all the names the Devil goes by. Same principle could apply here!

  6. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    Hopefully, I can finally reveal to you guys the name of the creature next time we run a game with him in it!

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