World of Darkness

You close your eyes, but you can see them. You cover your ears, but you can hear them. This is a world of horrors. A world where every town has a secret and every monster, a knowing smile.

Welcome to a world where happiness is a curse, where reflections can kill, and where terror returns, time after time.


The Billyverse
The God Machine Chronicles
Demon the Descent: Splintered City

Episode 1/ part 2

Vampire the Masquerade
Episode 1/ part 2

New World of Darkness is published by Onyx Path Publishing. Support Fandible by purchasing through the links below.
New World of Darkness
The God Machine Chronicles
Demon: The Descent



1 comment on “World of Darkness

  1. Anthony says:

    I LOVE Fandible. My GOD, how I love Fandible. And what I love most, tied maybe only with Unhallowed Metropolis (Gotta love Byron and Amelia and Moira) is Billy’s stories. His monsters are AWESOME, and the kind I can see coming up again. Not just the Ink Monster, either; I fully expect the Reflections to come back one day. My favorite story is Buried Memories. I love all the characters, and the reveal at the end is amazing. Poor Meg.

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