Rogue Trader Ep 12: Ancient Perfection part 2 of 2

Deep within an hostile nebula, the crew of the Shadow Labyrinth comes upon an ancient structure. Will the crew find profit, or will its inhabitants make short work of the invaders?

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9 comments on “Rogue Trader Ep 12: Ancient Perfection part 2 of 2

  1. bear1 says:

    If Billy is getting bored with Barsha, why not have him play as a Seneschal or maybe the chief Seneschal for a session? ….*and then I was burned for Heresy*

  2. Arvandus says:

    I actually have an idea along those lines for a future podcast. Probably not the next episode but the one after might have his return.

  3. Syren says:

    Decided to slow note this one to react as it happens:
    1. Oddly inspiring that ledger bit.
    2. The team is completely incapable of resisting menamena.
    3. “Shh, it doesn’t need to compute, it only needs to feel right.” -Capn Awesomepants
    4. It is always Genestealers.
    5. The return of Barsher in Melee. Devastating.
    6. After exiting the 12 step program with father Kaine, Quantus cannot look at xenos tech.
    7. David: where great roleplaying is followed by great failure.
    8. Billy: must be stealing what little luck David has.
    9. The 12 step program wasn’t quite powerful enough. He wants that gun.
    10. David: Tempting fate.
    11. David, unsure if he completely forgot what he passed an INT test for or if he was being willfully deceptive.
    12. Holy hell.
    Great session as always folks, looking forward to seeing next month’s schedule.

  4. Syren says:

    Possibly also superpilot Dorian from Delectable Misery, which if I may say is one of my favorite episodes so I may have a bias.

    Also I imagine humanizing Barsher with the gestalt psychic connection he is possibly making with the Shadow Labyrinth must be difficult considering the already established theme of him, and adding that part of his mission is finding other orks to join his mindset instead of converting Quantus into his Mad Doc or Quincy into a weirdboy who discovers strange powers untainted by the Warp(I’d usually say Godwin, but lets face it you are unclean.)

  5. Daniel says:

    Yay I was oddly inspiring! >.>

  6. CaptainStabby says:

    I now have this mental image of Barsher as just a massive, super violent muppet now.

  7. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Whoa, Jesus, looks like you jumped the shark when you uploaded the picture of Angela’s Space Cat(TM) with episode 11. 😉

    Am now picturing The Master as a hulking cyborg with this face:
    With electronic cable versions of Kerrigan’s headtacles:
    And these hands:

  8. Arvandus says:

    Some would call it jumping the shark, I call it cresting the aquatic predator.

  9. CaptainStabby says:

    I actually got a really strong “Master of past and present” vibe from the Master and Q. Kinda thought that was where that was heading.

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