Two members of the shadow labyrinth crew find themselves stuck on a Dark Eldar world. Will they die a horrible death like so many others or will an unlikely ally lead them to freedom.

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7 comments on “Rogue Trader Ep 11: Delectable Misery

  1. foxbear says:

    oh thank the Emperor, Barsha and the Captains main crew are okay! Had me scared for a minute, Fandible!

  2. james says:

    I really like your Grumpy Cat photo, that makes so much sense now in the W40K world.

  3. Growls says:

    Impressive playthrough.
    Loved the Dark Eldars portrayal, both on the PC or NPC-front.

    Looking forward to see when the crew of the Shadow Labyrinth goes out on their next adventure.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, guys; touched and flattered that whenever you experience sanity-blasting horrors and agonizingly agonizing agony, you think of me. 🙂 To paraphrase Jesus: “That gives me such a warm and fluttering sensation in the place where I was supposed to have a heart”. >:-D

    BTW Jesus: Kudos on the short intros you’re whipping together for the episodes, they just get better for every session. Oh, and Angela gets to play another character that allows her to sit and creep everyone out, good for her. At least Xandra (or possibly Xa*ARGH*ndr*aahARGH*a) is more verbose than Moira Clayton nÊe Campbell; though Angela is no doubt highly proficient in the art of glaring menacingly, mute characters don’t come across all that well on audio. Speaking of which, any chance that one of your fine episodes might ever get recorded as a video session (even if just partially) and uploaded on the Fanditube? 🙂

    If you guys really are interested in edible cake-racter sheets, you might wanna check out Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men. It’s a game that lets you play magically walking, talking gingerbread figures. Your character sheet literally is a gingerbread figure, and when you’re statting up your character, you don’t buy equipment; you buy toppings, like glazing and sprinkles and chocolate buttons and gummi bears etc., and they give you different magical abilities.
    The Whartson Hall Gamers have recorded an Actual Play one-off session of the game, and posted it (with pictures of their “character sheets”) online:

    Fair warning: If you guys think that David and Billy’s puns are bad, ya ain’t seen nuffin’ yet. The Whartson Hallers are unfathomably, punishingly punny. (Just think about the name “Whartson Hall” for a moment) 🙂 They’re also highly entertaining.

    Billy, were you deliberately channeling Mal from Firefly when you were playing the flight marshal? There were certain moments, like the heated discussion with Angela’s dark eldar, where your choice of phrases (“We’ll part ways and be on our merry”) along with the accent, seemed like things that Mal would say.

  5. It’s surprising that none of the group pointed out how unnerving it is when Daniel’s psyker character goes into combat, and SHARTS his enemies to death. Like, whoa. đŸ˜¯

    Also, Billy deserves an extra point for finding a plausible way of resurrecting Barsha’s “Yur kaptin iz not kaptinz no moer” speech, when he needed to intimidate the orks. That speech is gonna be the Gettysburg Address of Fandible. 🙂

  6. Anthony says:

    While I love the Rogue Trader series, this video is perfect for explaining why I don’t like Warhammer 40k in general, especially in comparison to DnD and NWOD.

    I know it’s odd for someone to like playing the ‘goody two shoes Paladin’ because they are restricted to being lawful and good. Yet it’s the class I always play because it allows me to play men and women who, at their core, are nice. Maybe gruff and rough around the edges, but nice. In DnD in general, I find a lot of the time people are a lot more…kind to others. There IS racism to a degree, but it’s not like all dwarves hate all elves. There are plenty of elves who love dwarves, and vice versa. Certainly there is a rivalry, but it isn’t a ‘stupid’ rivalry where they will fuck with each other when their lives are in danger.

    You aren’t EXPECTED to play a ‘nice’ character in DnD, but it’s allowed.

    In Warhammer, from what I’ve played (mostly as a Sister of Battle, because I am completely fine with admitting I find it more fun to play female characters, and if I didn’t, the games I’m in would be pure sausage fests) practically EVERYONE is a racist douchebag who will go to the GRAVE instead of letting the ‘damned Eldar’ help them out. I was pretty much forced to be a Xeno killing asshole.

    And I know, that’s how a sister of battle works. The guys under the Imperium of Man are there to cleanse people. But even the other players around me didn’t bat an eyelash when I just slaughter a group of Eldar. The racism is just…it’s everywhere, and I especially find it here.

    In the first forty minutes alone, Billy’s character refuses to apologize for being a jerk. I’m not booing Billy here; for Warhammer, that is just kind of the appropriate response. I’m not faulting him for hating Tau or Angela for having disdain for man, but it just really made me realize the exact reason I tend to gravitate towards DnD and NWOD.

    If there was a more…’friendly’ Warhammer universe, I’d probably enjoy it, but I just tend not to like it when I’m in a game that forces me to hate EVERYONE. Even if my Paladin hates Aboleths or Illithids, at least there are SOME species she doesn’t detest just for being different.

    And in NWOD, I just find there’s less…time, perhaps, is the word, for you to hate werewolves or mummies. They aren’t omnipresent all the time, and in NWOD, you CAN, if you want and are lucky as hell, potentially even befriend the weird monsters to a degree.

    But yeah. Love Rogue Trader, love the acting…just…don’t like the setting.

  7. Anthony says:

    Though I also find it ironic- usually, Billy’s character is honestly the main. He makes the plans and does the talking, and at first, it looked like the racist trooper was gonna be in charge.

    Then XANDRA, the eeeeeeeeeeeevil Dark Eldar, was the one who took charge and saved the day. So…yay for positive portrayal of Xenos!

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