Searching for his kind, Barsher leads the crew to a captive Weird boy who has an interesting proposition.

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18 comments on “Rogue Trader Ep 13: The Trials of Barsher

  1. Thelastarchitect says:

    The pet episode NEEDS to happen XD

    Great episode and can’t wait for all of you having to roll up new characters ten minutes into the next episode!

    Oh and just cause it came up;

    – Orks gain Insanity Points as usual, but they take absolutely no effect till you reach 100 points. At this point the Ork becomes a Mad-boy and is unplayable. Mad-boyz gravitate between childlike incomprehensible madness and violent outbursts at random.

    – In Rogue Trader Orks do not gain Corruption Points but have no special resistance to Warp based affects that might otherwise change or affect the character.

    – Profit Factor, in regards to how fast it should be earned while trying to make money, is typically 1 or 2 a session on average. So along with your bonuses from character creation and Colony you guys should be in the 45-50 range I guess.

    -Quantus, easy way for a Tech Priest to kick ass is to grab some decent kit to make up for a total lack of skill, in most cases. Power Armour is Very Rare (-20), 1 suit is negligible Quantity (+30), so an acquisition roll to ‘buy’ one is your Profit Factor +10. That’ll give you +20 strength, and 8 Armor on top of your Toughness Bonus and any ranks of the Machine trait you might have at this point.

    There’s also best quality Synthetic muscles grafts which will double your strength before bonuses from Power armor, (PF-10 for an acquisition test), but give you a -10 to Agility. A power Fist (PF+10) will also double your strength. All this junk together with an All-Out Attack will have you hitting with Weapon Skill +20, doing 2d10+(Strx3)+2 damage, ignoring 9 armor. In short you would be on the level of the other PCs and could take a hit like a champ.

    It seems not being good in a fight is a part of Quantus’ character but I know that playing a character who sucks at fighting in a game with lots of fighting can get annoying at times so these suggestions are just if you wanted a boost.

    Though if you keep rolling 99s it does matter what you have so . . .

    Hope some part of that helps . . . :$

  2. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Quantos in Power Armor? Hmm, Cpt Awesome-Pants may have to order him to wrap strings of LED diodes all around
    the suit, so Quantos can still be called upon to use his special ability: Light Up Like A Christmas Tree. 🙂

  3. Jake says:

    Wooo, I’m finally caught up on Rogue Trader and can comment on an episode in a timely manner!

    I think we can all agree that it is far more up Qunatus’ alley to use his implanted Utility Mechandrite to blast his opponents with incense fumes at the start of every combat, and then spend the ensuing round of confusion to run away.

    Also given the rate at which Natasevya disposes of “mutineers”, there should be enough skulls lying around for you to create so many servo-skulls that you can just start filling them with smoke bombs and whenever there’s even a hint of danger, start summoning your flying skulls which explode in a blast of all-concealing smoke. Sucks to be people with non-augmetic eyes!

  4. Thelastarchitect says:

    In regards Servo-Skulls if I remember their modifier for acquisition rolls correctly then a half decent Acquisition roll can get like 10,000 of them.

    At that point Quantus can do this with human skulls:

    Or you know, just Matrix Squid-ey swarm of human skulls anyone he doesn’t like.

  5. Thelastarchitect says:

    Ah, turns out they’re scarce (+0), so 100 is (+0), a 1000 would be (-10), 5000 (-20) and 10,000+ (-30).

    You probably wouldn’t have anywhere to put them anyway. On a ship the size of the Shadow Labyrinth where would you put hundreds of human skulls?

    Probably the same place as all the bread.

  6. bear1 says:

    Very awesome episode Fandible! Great to see a Barsha story arc…i’m kinda hoping (provided that Captain Awesome-pants and Co survive this) Barsha does crazy Orky Science! stuff, like make a giant orky AI? I dunno, Ork-SCIENCE Ftw.

  7. CaptainStabby says:

    Explorators are dead ‘ard if you go out of your way to tool one up for combat.

    With subdermal armor, bionic limbs, heart, skull, plus a suit of the Engine plate (forget the actual name, from Hostile Acquisitions) modified to be powered, and sealed, and a conversion field, my PC Explorator is just an absolute tank. I think he’s sitting on like 11 or 12 armor all over, and thats before toughness.

    Swarms of Servo skulls with alternating hellpistols and stabby bits are good fun too.

  8. CaptainStabby says:

    Also Pencil-Monkey, there is actually an armor mod specifically for that, basically you paint your armor with spiffy LED patterns that you can turn on or off.

    I believe it gives you a bonus on social interactions.

  9. Pencil-Monkey says:


    Really? Fascinating, the full-body LEDs give you a bonus to social interactions? So the Imperium still has rave parties, then? 😉

  10. CaptainStabby says:

    Well, a big part of being a Rogue Trader is making sure that you are the most fabulous person in the room.

    Why else do you think the guy on the cover of the core book got a pirate coat made that fits OVER his armor?

  11. Aurellion says:

    Glad you were able to find some use for that lore Jesus, you’re quite welcome.

    I too would really enjoy a ‘pets episode’ if you all decide to have one. 🙂

  12. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Fingers crossed for the return of every ork cub’s favorite holovid show, the Gorkamorka Muppitz, featuring Grotler & Waaaghdorf:

  13. Arvandus says:

    All I can imagine now is kermit dressed as a space marine screaming FOR THE EMPEROR ARGHHHHHHHH *waves hands wildly*

  14. Pencil-Monkey says:

    And it is already established Muppet canon that Gonzo the Great, at least, is an extra-terrestrial:

    So if you and the other Fandibles ever decide to play Toon, you know what characters you’ll be playing. 😉

  15. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Those chairs are gonna be hurled at any moment, now:

  16. Arvandus says:

    Well, there goes my idea for the Jerry Springer episode. *Flips the table*

    Seriously though, awesome art Pencil-Monkey.

  17. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Glad you like it. 🙂

    …Waitaminnit, you were going to make a Jerry Springer episode? Even though it would make SO MUCH more sense to let Naktasevya host her own Space Oprah show? RAAAGH! *Flails arms and slaps ineffectually at Arvandus*

    Seriously though, Angela’s character would make a great Oprah isotope: “YOU get a bullit to ze head! And YOU get a bullit! And YOU! You’re ALL mutineerz!”

  18. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Was going to ridicule David for his consistent mispronunciation of “Mecha-dendrites” as “meddacendrites”, but realized that then he would just go: “Duh, BTW? Like, Space Oprah, really? It’s pronounced “Space Opera”, hel-looo?”
    So, yeah.

    kthx bai

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