3 years ago, an undead plague swept across the earth. A world of superheroes and supervillains quickly turned into one of the dead and those just trying to survive. Now three supers must head into a city they long abandoned to see if there are survivors in need of aid.

Intro Music: Hitman by Kevin Macleod

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17 comments on “Rotted Capes Ep 1: Dead City

  1. Hopeless says:

    Many thanks will probably buy this game eventually but have ordered Ex-Heroes in the meantime!
    Any chance this will be more than a one shot?
    Was wondering if you thought of a prequel to reveal what happened?

  2. Arvandus says:

    We ran one more session which will be posted next month. After that, we will probably continue the game with a different system.

  3. Syren says:

    Any particular idea what the pre-zombieland system will be for you folks? I know that is looking a bit far into the future but the superhero-genre is one of those things in roleplaying that I’ve always found somewhat hard to capture right. Mostly because of how outlandishly varied the tones tend to be from age to age.

  4. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    Well, the thing we like about the game is the setting. So I don’t think we’re looking to go back into a pre-zombieland time. I’m sure at some point, we’ll figure out why the world turned into the hell hole that it became.

    We are thinking maybe Wild Talents thought that seems a touch crunchy. We’ve been told you get used to the set up, though, and it runs pretty smoothly, so that’s maybe our plan.

  5. Hopeless says:

    I was wondering about how to explain such a breakout over in the UK without turning it into a Shaun of the Dead game.
    So far I was thinking contact with overseas has been cut as a result of the fighting with some areas deliberately bombed to neutralise the powered z’s and starting the game from the view that the players were either caught in an explosion before the event and remained unconscious and were moved to a smaller hospital ward that was turned into a Fortress once the z plague became too much and they wake up unaware that they’re now the city’s last hope to survive and maybe make contact with other survivors…

    Have you thought about Savage Worlds or M&M?

  6. Hopeless says:

    I’m wondering if its worth having them start the game explaining where they were before the plague and how they ended up within the Fortress?

    You know Fate might fit the bill I wonder how that world creation discussion would go?

  7. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    The way Rotted Capes explains the quick spread of the disease is clever. Apparently, their version of the Flash (Blue Bullet) got infected. He turned and pretty much crossed the globe eating people and spreading the disease. Because of him, the world never had a chance to stop the spread of the disease.

  8. Syren says:

    Oh yeah I’d totally suggest Wild Talents. Worth building your character and dry running them a little to be sure they mechanically do what you want with those little power modifiers. Oh and you will want a metric ton of dice. One roll engine is always smoother when you have a mountain of them available since you end up needing a lot for the whole crew to do the eponymous one roll.

    The alternative if forcing the gm to write down width/height/modifiers as people share. And that gets old fast.

  9. Jake says:

    That’s the same rationale for how Marvel Zombies happened – Quicksilver gets bitten, and then just runs around biting everyone else.

    Really if there is actual controllable super speed you should never need another superpower, although if you feel like you’re “running at your normal speed” and everyone else is going slowly, then running across the oceans gets super, super boring given how long it would take from your perspective.

  10. Hopeless says:

    Finally finished listening to the episode and wondered… what next!

    Not sure what system would work best for that it certainly got me thinking of what characters would work best and their background history!

  11. Coryani says:

    In Arcanis, the initiative just fades into the background after a couple of games. I just let the players track their own initiative.

  12. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    We actually talk about this later on in the next game we post. We feel that it would be a good thing for some groups, but the initiative thing just doesn’t work for the Fandible crew. We still think the game has a damn fine premise and that the rules work, they just don’t work for our group.

  13. hi guys,

    lead designer of the RC system here, you can run the game without the clock really easy (I have done it for a table already)

    1) Everyone roll d12 + Quickness, act in order of highest to lowest

    2) on any characters turn they get to take a Trivial or Simple action + a Complex or Demanding action

    2) record the ticks you would have spent

    3) at the start of your next action, subtract that many ticks from your burn out…

    Pedro B
    Statmonkey at large

  14. BTW, holy crap this is a good story

  15. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    Hey Pedro,

    Thanks for the advice. Angela and I are actually going to be playing a RC game at Origins. We hope we’ll be able to pick up a better sense for the game there since the game will be run by someone who has a better grasp on the rules. Looking forward to it!

  16. Dude

    I’m going to be at Origins… which round are you playing

    If I’m free… guess who is going to be your GM.

    Contact me via email I would LOVE to meet you two!

  17. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    I think it’s the 1:30 PM round on Friday? Yeah, that sounds right. I look forward to meeting you!

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