The battle won, the superhero survivors must now unlock the secrets of Nightbane prison.

Intro Music: Hitman by Kevin Macleod

Origin Art in title card by Gareth Simpson. The wound and torn symbol are added on.

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4 comments on “Rotted Capes Ep 15: Secrets of Nightbane

  1. Southernskies says:

    Super-villian Name: Sister Fusion
    Description: Wielder and manipulator of the plasma. Able to melt bank vaults throught to weld a piece of steel. Prefers melting the doors of bank vaults and looting the contents. Has her own (very small) island in the Carribean.
    Power Source: Cosmic
    Archetype: Blaster

    Alien Name: Dr Bunnigus Vorpus
    Description: 5′ tall bipedal, omnivorous rabbits. Accidentally ‘uplifted’ by an obelisk that crashed into their planet, the Rabbishah (rabbit folk) went from prey species to dominance in only a single generation. Having now mastered interstellar flight, exploration teams spread out to explore for other life forms.
    Power Source: Tech
    Archetype: Alien
    Personality Flaw: Combat Paralysis

  2. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Super-villian Name: Dr. Chiroptera
    Description: Man-Bat. He thought he found a cure that would stop the transforms. It was terrible failure, stranding him his Bat Form, permanently. Dr. Mosaic captured him, devised a serum that gave him full use of his Mental Facilities in the Bat form, and promised him a cure from his condition if (“AND ONLY IF!!!”) he help Mosaic carry out his “MASTER PLAN!!!”.
    Power Source: SCIENCE!
    Archetype: Blaster (w/Flight [when he has the points])

  3. Dean Bailey says:

    Just work through all the series.

    Awesome work. I am loving the characterization and story

    Just wondering, if ex-Sentry mimic’s Torchlight, will he become the other torchlight twin 🙂

  4. Billy says:

    if only!

    Hmm. Maybe?

    Probably not. I’d have to think about it. Torchlight’s powers are tied more to his DNA and his sister’s DNA. It’s all about his powers finding those genetic markers.

    That sounds scientific enough! Though, honestly, it wouldn’t work because of the mechanics. Torchlight’s power before his sister’s death was legit Alpha-level. He had like Fire-Power level 20. No way Jesus would let me have that back!

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