In the world of the zombie apocalypse, sometimes hard choices need to be made. In such a world, the lesser evil may be your only chance for survival.

Intro Music: Hitman by Kevin Macleod

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6 comments on “Rotted Capes Ep 3: Human Error

  1. Robert? says:

    You’ve guys probably already saw it by now but there’s a small paragraph, second from the top on page 95 that tells you how wounds work.

    Summed up,if you get hit with more stamina damage then your Fortitude then you have to make a Vigor roll with the Target number being the damage minus armor. Failed means Stunned. Failed by 5 or more means a Wound prize.

    Great episode like always 😀

  2. Gabriel says:

    Hi all,

    These Rotted Capes games are a really fun to listen to. Keep up the good work.

    If you weren’t aware, the core concept seems very similar to Peter Clines’ Ex-Heroes series of books ( Check them out if you like to read or like audio books.

    Looking forward to more Rotted Capes and NWOD gamecasts. ^_^


  3. Hopeless says:

    These games and the books by Peter Clines makes me wish there was a Rotted Capes TV Series!
    Especially a supplement on such an event happening in the UK… well other than Shaun of the Dead obviously!
    Great work!

  4. Hey guys

    if you want to contact me, to ask a ton of questions…

    get in touch with me, heck we can do a google hang-out or something

    Peter B

  5. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    Hey Pedro,

    Let’s talk about meeting up in private. We would love to have a g-hang out and ask you some question! Just send us an email at

  6. Will Do!

    I’ll drop you an email tonight, going to Disney with the kids this weekend so we will have to schedule for the week after!

    Peter B

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