Rotted Capes Ep 4: Renewed Identities part 2 of 2

One of their most annoying enemies taken care of and a new AI buddy gained, our heroes return to a familiar lab to grab some vital intel.

Intro Music: Hitman by Kevin Macleod

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3 comments on “Rotted Capes Ep 4: Renewed Identities part 2 of 2

  1. Mike says:

    Great second part, I’m totally stealing Ghoul for a Dresden game btw.

  2. Spencinator says:

    Aha, that was good stuff. The crew’s built a nice stable of NPCs, with Quinn, Aura Stream, Human Error, Heavy Metal and Ghoul. Ghoul so far is my favorite out of all of them, with Heavy Metal and Quinn tied for second.

    Also, loved the neat twist that as a Primal Spirit Bestial would be affected by the zombie plague considering that’s the only effective predator left to emulate.

  3. Paul Glass says:

    It was Johnny Lee Miller that was the main guy in Hackers he also plays Sherlock Holmes in the tv series Elementary

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