Holiday Bonus part 1 of 2

Finding out their now former employer wanted out of their contract, the Shadowrunners head to the depths of Seattle to finally get their cut.

Intro Music: Cyberpunk Underworld by Futant

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11 comments on “Shadowrun: Prime Ep 3 part 1 of 2

  1. crawlkill says:

    maaan. if Shadowrun adventures had stayed this hilariously self-aware, the setting’d never’ve gone out of style. the ability to improv-parody real life in a cyberpunk setting is, like, a superpower. love, love, love.

  2. Growls says:

    Just wondering, at time there’s a strange wooshing sound in the background. Do you guys game next to a highway?

  3. Katsushiro says:

    Yeah, we game next to a train/subway line that passes outside the window. Considering how close it is, could be a lot worse. >.> Someday we’ll be able to afford to rent out a sound studio every weekend. 😉

  4. Growls says:

    Oh, just curious. I’ve gamed in some pretty bizarre places in my time, so I know from first hand, it could be much worse.

    How much editing do you guys do on a single session? Was wondering if you edit the sound level, more in specific, as I’ve experienced that at times, a good laughter at the table have left me and my headphones reeling, as I’ve have a tendency to crank up the sound to hear the more demure comments.
    Anyways, all said and done, I love the fact that the players just smeared themselves in rotten Ghoul steak sauce to appear unappealing. Solid plan, through and through.

  5. Jared says:

    Ooh! Tacoma! My home town. Also, Dave, I know it’s probably semantics, but the “bay” next to Seattle usually is referred to by us north-westerners as the “Sound” (ie. Puget Sound). Just a little bit of local flavor to consider ;-). But as always, incredibly entertaining, can’t wait for part two. 😀

  6. Arvandus says:

    When it comes to sound levels, I tend to raise it slightly. If you listen to our earlier stuff, you’ll find that it is sometimes hard to hear. I found that raising the sound volume helped with that.

    The issue is, of course, that if we are whispering or just far away instead of speaking clearly into the Mic, the listener is forced to raise the volume and then get hit in the ear by our laughter afterwords. Its a mistake we generally try to avoid, but when we are deep into ridiculous role-play, you kinda get caught up in the moment.

  7. Barsha Da Barsha says:

    We hope to fix it soon. It’s gotten a few of us sometimes when we listen to our stuff.

  8. crawlkill says:

    yeah, you guys do sometimes have a little trouble with an even volume level. either the quiet’s too quiet or the loud’s too loud. it does seem better now than it used to, though.

  9. FandibleDave says:

    I’ve also noticed that the mic we use has a “dead spot” where one person at the table will have muted audio compared to everyone else. We’re much more aware of the presence of the mic and how to project into it than we were in years past, but this does little to fix peaks and troughs in the ‘cast. As I have no technical expertise and no money to throw at the problem I will continue to blame Jesus until the matter is resolved, as per protocol.

  10. Jake says:

    I wasn’t aware that official protocol allowed you to ever stop blaming Jesus for your problems.

  11. Arvandus says:

    Official protocol allows for suspension of blaming of Jesus in response to violent retribution which often results in the brutal beating and incapacitation of individuals who may or may not be called David.

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