Shadowrun Prime

In the world of Shadowrun, there are professionals, there are amateurs, and there are these guys. A crew of Shadowrunners navigate the dark side of Seattle, engaging in corporate espionage, backroom wheeling and dealing, and more than a little bit of holiday cheer.

Shadowrun Saints of Suffering

In the streets of future Seattle, violence is a way of life. In these harsh times, there are brave people who travel these streets to save lives. Of course, getting paid to do it is also pretty nice.

Shadowrun Side Stories

Single session games set in the Shadowrun Universe

4 comments on “Shadowrun

  1. iron says:

    Expect to experience hearing loss if you listen with head/earphones as they LOVE to talk at one level then shout and laugh at air raid siren volume.

  2. Angela says:

    Hah, we’re a very old podcast. Some of our earlier works are more than a decade or so old. We’ve learned how to better record ourselves throughout the years in order to avoid deafening our listeners!

  3. Paul tucker says:

    Any more eposodes?

  4. Angela says:


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