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In the world of Shadowrun, there are professionals, there are amateurs, and there are these guys. A crew of Shadowrunners navigate the dark side of Seattle, engaging in corporate espionage, backroom wheeling and dealing, and more than a little bit of holiday cheer.

Shadowrun Actual Play Episodes

Main Crew

Episode 1: Everything Must Go! / part 2

Episode 2: Watch for Falling Prices / part 2

Episode 3: Holiday Bonus / part 2

Episode 4: Drek The Halls / part 2

Episode 5: Laying Low and Aiming High / part 2

Episode 6: Ghost Town / part 2

Episode 7: Greed And Charity / part 2

Episode 8: The Kindness of Strangers / part 2

Episode 9: For the Love of the Game / part 2

Episode 10: Home Team Advantage / part 2

The Saints of Suffering

Episode 1: The Saints of Suffering / part 2

Episode 2:  Yule Shoot Your Eye Out / part 2

Episode 3: Meet the New Boss / part 2

Episode 4: The Profit of the Lord / part 2 / part 3

Episode 5: Seasons Bleedings / part 2

Two Days ‘Till Retirement

Episode 1: Two Days ‘Till Retirement / part 2 / part 3

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Shadowrun is published by Catalyst Game Labs. Support Fandible by purchasing through one of the links below.
Fourth Edition
Drive Thru RPG

Fifth Edition (as seen in The Saints of Suffering)
Drive Thru RPG

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