The Saints of Suffering part 1 of 2

In the streets of future Seattle, violence is a way of life. In these harsh times, there are brave people who travel these streets to save lives. Of course, getting paid to do it is also pretty nice.

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3 comments on “Shadowrun: Saints of Suffering Ep 1 part 1 of 2

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Are we sure The line for Jesus Magic Characters isn’t “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal”?

  2. Syren says:

    I’d go as far as to say that is The Line for all of Jesus’s characters. I’m surprised it didn’t come out during Under the Skin.

  3. charl says:

    I love the concept of this game, and now want to run a game where everyone plays DocWagon staff.

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