In a world of anime tropes and impossibly good-looking people, our dimensional con artists must use every trick in their book to find their prize.  To bad for them, this world may require a much more violent approach.

Intro Music: Until I Sleep by Henry Homesweet

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4 comments on “The Strange Ep 6: Atom Nocturne

  1. Pencil-Monkey says:

    Let’s hope that the reverse-strip-poker-playing Granny Spider becomes a recurring NPC.

    SPOILERS: When Harold and Kumar… sorry, Calisto, get to the MMORPG recursion, what roles will they play? Will Mr Flockhart’s affinity for avians land him a job as a druid? Or maybe someone mishears him when he mentions being a Crow, and thinks he means “throw”, or “bow”, and lets him DPS. (A throw-away bow-wielding Drow character – in the snow?)

    Harold should definitely tank. 😉

  2. CalmeIshma3l says:

    Could be fun for them to have the best classes for there skills and personalities? Get them real addicted to their new “powers” in the MMO,to the point they start to subsumed my their game persona. Or just have them get trolled constantly. Like, in middle of a sent-*rouge arrow in throat*…FAG NOOB CLAN INSERTNAMEHERE HARVEST NOOB TEARS BLOOD4DABLOODGODBONES4DABONETHRONE

  3. ken says:

    If anyone is interested The Strange is currently in the Bundle of Holding

  4. eaglechris508 says:

    If it is inspired by something called an MMO would it be pay to win? That could get interesting with how the two of them play.

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