Five More Webcomics to Cure the Winter Blues

Last year, in an effort to cure your winter blues, I shared five webcomics to help you through those cold months. By now, you have all probably read through the comic backlogs and and are hoping for something else to satisfy your web comic cravings. Fear not, Fandible fans, I am here with five more webcomics to help you ignore those cold whispers pushing you towards a winter murder in 2016.

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How to Run a Daredevil RPG

Got an itch to play a streetlevel superhero after binge watching Daredevil on Netflix? Angela breaks down some of the key components of Daredevil to keep in mind for an RPG to figure out what system would work best.

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5 Web Comics to Cure Winter Blues

In a attempt to cure your winter blues, Jesus gives you a list of some of his favorite web comics.

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