Five More Webcomics to Cure the Winter Blues

5 Webcomics to cure the winter blues

Last year, in an effort to cure your winter blues, I shared five webcomics to help you through those cold months. By now, you have all probably read through the comic backlogs and and are hoping for something else to satisfy your web comic cravings. Fear not, Fandible fans, I am here with five more webcomics to help you ignore those cold whispers pushing you towards a winter murder in 2016. 

jack nicholson frozen shining




Set in a relatively new space colony far from Earth, Freefall tells the tale of an alien, a robot, and a uplifted wolf who surprisingly don’t go into a bar. Instead, they deal with terraforming, robots becoming sentient, and a potentially devastating conspiracy. Good thing they are skilled enough to see themselves through it, eventually. With great comedy and a surprising amount of hard science fiction, it brings about an interesting possibility of what our own space faring future might look like. It’s been updating 3 times a week since 1998.



Even superheros need to go to school. A lighthearted tale of young kids learning to live normal lives and fight super powered crime, PS238 is a fun read. Not only does it have a wide range of super-powered heroics, but it also deals with more serious issues kids may have to deal with like bullying, loss, and divorce. All problems made even worse when you add in the ability to punch through a wall. It’s been updating sporadically since 2002 but it has a healthy backlog to keep you going for awhile.



Imagine if your favorite strategy game was real. Not only the story and setting, but its strict rules and even unit health points. What would you do if you find yourself transported to that world? Would you find out that ordering people to die is a bit more complicated when the units you control have real lives and dreams of their own? Parson Gotti, the former tabletop gamer turned warlord, finds himself with this dilemma as it feels like the world itself is forcing him to change from a simple strategy fan into a ruthless conqueror. It has been updating semi-regularly since 2006.

Kill Six Billion Demons


Finding herself thrust into a world of dead gods and monstrous crime lords, a young college student must do all she can to survive while pursued by people intent on taking her power. A power she doesn’t understand or even want. If their was only one takeaway from this comic, it’s the beautiful and detailed art. Every page feels like something you would want as a poster on your wall. From the images of badass angelic monks to the backdrop of ancient and crumbling cities, it’s a gift for the eye. If you want to learn about a bizarre and interesting world or just want to look at some great landscapes, give it a read. It’s been updating regularly since 2013.

Order of the Stick


Never have stick figures been so epic. In a world based off the 3.5 D&D ruleset, a group of adventurers must face off against a powerful and annoying evil in order to save the world. What’s great about the comic isn’t just the fourth wall breaking humor and D&D tropes, but the story worthy of any D&D table. It really feels like the type of story a group of friends would make up as they run a D&D campaign. It’s been updating sporadically since 2003 but its worth it as every page is a delight to read.

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About the Author
Jesus “Arvandus” Rodriguez is the founder and website tweaker of the Fandible podcast. When he isn't out creating imaginary worlds for his players, he also runs a youtube channel where he writes short fiction in various fictional worlds.

4 comments on “Five More Webcomics to Cure the Winter Blues

  1. Camden says:

    With the exception of Kill Six Billion Demons (which I gave my best shot, but couldn’t get into), I am a big fan of every comic you mentioned. Freefall is one of my favorite scifi comics and I love both PS238 and Order of the Stick enough to own the print versions. You, good sir, have excellent taste.

    And no, seriously, YOU WILL ALL KNEEL BEFORE VON FOGG!

  2. Decarcassor says:

    Kill Six Billion Demons is awesome, but I can see how I could be intimidating to some peoples. Its got an interesting backstory too. It started as a weird choose your own adventure forum thingy where the author would let posters vote on how the story should progress. Its now reborn into a more conventional webcomic but it retained some of its participative aspect and Abbadon regularly ask for input in the comments section that he include in the comic.

    But KSBD is more than just a comic, Abbadon often post short stories, tales and quote from in-universes characters or scriptures that explore the weird and trippy mythology of the setting. There trully is an incredible depth behind the comic if you want to get into it. So praise YISUN my friend and may you reach heaven trough violence !

  3. MDMann says:

    You evil boop! That is way to addictive.

  4. Ardent says:

    Hey, I figure you should know, K6BD is also a RPG! It’s creator, ABBADON, is on the 1.2 version of the playtest, which is using the apocalypse engine. It’s tentatively titled Broken World.

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