vampire the masquerade

Insane in the Membrane – Sanity in RPGs

How has the “sanity meter” best been used in video games and RPGs? From Eternal Darkness to God Machine Chronicles, Billy takes a look.

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Happy New Year – New Year’s Resolutions From Your Favorite Fandible Characters

As the new year approaches, several characters from the Fandible universe have opted to share their plans for the new year – whichever year that may be in their reality. Share your own resolutions in the comments (or suggest some for characters we missed), and we look forward to sharing more shenanigans with you in 2015!

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A Gaming Year in Review – and Looking Ahead to 2015!

Around this time last year, in one of our occasional attempts to get organized, we sat down and made a giant list of all the games we wanted to play in 2014. It was a massive list of 25 games – basically enough to have every weekend in 2014 planned before we rolled a single…

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