Vampire the Masquerade Ep 1: Mark of the Hunter part 1 of 2

Four less than competent neonate vampires must stop a serial killer hunting in their territory.

Intro Music: Chee Zee Cave by Kevin Macleod

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7 comments on “Vampire the Masquerade Ep 1: Mark of the Hunter part 1 of 2

  1. Clearly David has 5 dots of Correspondence. He can be whenever he wants!

  2. crawlkill says:

    bag of wife oh no

  3. NateD says:

    “We are New York cops…” *beat* …and you are white”

    “So, so white.”


  4. Spencinator says:

    Man, this had me rolling, my god. I know David and Jesus aren’t too fond of VtM mechanically, but I would love to see more wacky neonate hijinks

  5. Josh says:

    Is it me, or is Billy playing a Baali Caitiff?

  6. Billy says:

    Winner winner chicken dinner.

    Been a long time since I played this game but yeah, that’s what I was going for. The clues were his sin sensing ability as well as his fear of crosses (which, I beleive, the others claimed wasn’t a real thing). Also, he briefly brought up his embrace which involved being buried with a bunch of bodies and having to dig his way out.

    Yup! The idea was he has no idea he is a Baali. In my head, his Baali ‘master’ was hoping to use him as a distraction while being hunted. The Camerilla would have found a Baali and killed it, leaving the original Baali to cackle in the shadow. Only problem was he was caught before the boy woke up in the pit. He died and the kid woke up, unsure what the hell he is.

    Something like that. It was a long time ago. 😀

  7. Josh says:

    It’s a really cool idea, and it was done with brilliant subtlety

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