Thanks and Next Game

I would like to thank everyone who has commented on our podcasts or sent emails asking questions or in support. This has been a fun ride so far and I can only see it continuing on in the future. We are basically being thanked for stuff we would do anyway, so it greatly helps my particular level of laziness.

Next game on the docket: Rogue Trader

john blanche battlefleet gothic


With a crusade cut off from the rest of the imperium, imperial forces wonder if they can hope to conquer this lawless area of space known as the Ater Vacuss sector. With an ork, a kroot, and a mutant voidmaster under his command, Rogue Trader Renaldo Machurius wonders if such a crusade may hinder his own profit margin. With all the possibilities before him, the GM wonders if whiskey by itself will be enough to alleviate the headache he knows he is going to have. Expect thrills, chills, and an ork yelling RAMMING SPEED!!!

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