When creatures of myth terrorize New York City, four friends make a plan to escape. But no role-playing book could ever prepare them for the reality of dragons.

Game Achievements inspired by MadGamerMag

Intro Music: Controlled Chaos by Kevin Macleod

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9 comments on “The End of the World: Here There Be Dragons

  1. Fairystail says:

    Acheivement for Bruce
    Get Out
    The monsters just dont like Bruce for some reason. Gain this acheivement if Bruce is the first one attacked.

    Also id totally be a Fairy Dragon. No idea why. I just feel it

  2. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Man, loved that game! Adding the achievement system was brilliant, And add something to what I think is Fandible most meta and “good times” game. Is there a way we can see the entire achievement list somewhere?
    FairysTail has a great idea, in a similar vein:

    Achievement for if Bruce Dies first:
    ….I’ve seen this movie

    Achievement for if Jerry Dies first:
    That’s why the 1st rule of Zombieland is Cardio

    Achievement for if Carter Dies first:
    He was Over educated, and under paid…now he’s just 6ft under

    Achievement for if DeLuko Dies first:
    That’s Wicked Sad
    How you like d’em Apples?

    Achievement for if All but one player Dies:
    The Final Boy

  3. Angela says:

    These are all excellent additions. I will add them to the master list before our next session!

    Speaking of master list… here’s the full public list of achievements: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/166K4wmR3xg5JF0llZRCQoHtMAEWoGB2KHxJNE64rBxM/edit?usp=drivesdk

  4. CallmeIshma3l says:

    Lol, Nice! Thank you for sharing these games and being so on the ball with community outreach, its…its just damn cool, you know?

  5. Fairystail says:

    Oh another acheivement
    Finally over you
    Carter makes it the entire session without mentioning his ex

  6. Fabian says:

    That’ll never happen, Fairystail. Carter would stop being Carter if he got over her. Maybe literally.

    I think I’d be an Apathy Dragon. I’d breathe apathy at my victims. It wouldn’t make them completely useless, just kinda not really caring about doing a good job anymore. Of course, that could still be quite fatal in the apocalypse.

  7. CZGrey says:

    What’s my job again?
    If bruce’s latest job turns out to be useful in the setting .

    The Adult
    Carter rounds up the crew to do “the right thing”

    Always prepared
    Deluko’s first aid bag/bug out bag gets used

    That’s different
    Carter manages to get over Laura/hooks up with his Bachelorette counterparts

    Didn’t see that coming
    The group manages to surprise their attacking monster

    Is this Bizzarro World!?
    The group actually willingly cooperates with their female counterparts and succeed.

    I’d be a Zombie Dragon…like my breath makes people zombies.

  8. Captain Red Ram says:

    Another great EotW session. If I was a dragon I would be a copper dragon for the deadly joke ability.

    Welcome! Everything is fine.
    Everyone dies.

    Just a flesh wound
    Party member infected but hides it from the group.

    Down with the sickness
    Party member ill during the session

    Guess I’m the bard
    Party member breaks out into song during the Apocalypse

    Hold on let me tweet this.
    A Party member checks twitter.

    Highway to hell.
    Party member manages to get onto the highway.

    Someone is in here
    Party member is hiding in the bathroom with an enemy in the next room.

    No bachelor left behind
    Party member goes back for another party member left behind

    Product placement.
    Party member mentions a fandible fake product during the game. (Jack Stallion, Snickets)

  9. Captain Red Ram says:

    Odds are we are going to be alright.
    End of the session and every party member is still alive.

    A tearful reunion
    A party member meets up with a loved one.

    A tragic fate
    A party member dies while trying to get to a loved one.

    You’re going to carry that weight/Tragic backstory
    A party member fails to save a loved one.

    Blame Canada/those kooky canucks
    A party member blames Canada for the current apocalypse

    Lovers in a dangerous time/ we found love in a hopeless place
    A party member survives forms a romantic relationship with another character and both survive to the end of the session

    I’m blue (Da ba dee da ba daa)
    Party member dies due to asphyxiation

    It ain’t easy being green
    Party member dies due to poisoning

    Party member gets killed with a bludgeoning weapon.

    Ballistic Dummy
    Party member gets killed by being shot.

    Half the man I used to be
    Party member dies and is in two pieces.

    Made quite the impact
    Party member falls to their death.

    Brother help me!
    Party member falls to the death after another player fails to save them.

    Long live the king
    Party member fails to save a character from falling to their death

    What, too soon?
    Party member makes a joke in reference to a character/monster dying

    Unnecessary pun-ishment/Offensive word play
    Party member makes a pun after a character/monster dies.

    Absolutely essential item
    Party member takes a useful item at the start of the apocalypse but never uses it for the entire session.

    Monster Bait.
    Party member is the first character attacked by an enemy in every encounter for the entire game.

    When someone asks you if you are a god you say YES!
    Party member tricks a god.

    No Gods or Kings, only bachelors/Deicide/God slayer
    Kill a God

    Everyone knows hypnosis isn’t real
    Party member gets hypnotized/mind controlled

    Would you kindly?
    Party member is mind controlled and kills another player.

    I am Evan Vasko/Time for an upgrade
    Party member gets infected with tech.

    I am your supervisor.
    A party member is told to due something by their superior and they do it.

    Enough Captain!
    Suggest way too many achievements at 2am in the morning.

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