Two recursion miners think they’ve found the perfect score. All they need to do is rob the most powerful mob boss in Crow Hollow and live to tell about it.

Intro Music: Until I Sleep by Henry Homesweet

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5 comments on “The Strange Ep 1: Crow Hollow

  1. CaptainStabby says:

    Fair warning I may steal some inspiration from the intro here and run a MTV: Spring Break Innsmouth game. I feel like this is a thing that needs to happen.

  2. FandibleDave says:

    -Heard on Spring Break: Innsmouth-

    “Chug chug chug chug chug chug chug chug shug shug shug shug shug shug shug shuggoth shuggoth shuggoth shuggoth…” (transmission abruptly ends)

  3. Joshuha says:

    This was pretty enjoyable. Any plans on any more The Strange RPG podcasts?

  4. Arvandus says:

    We actually ran two more sessions that we will probably be posting at some point in the future.

  5. just says:


    That 2D recursion sounds awful like:


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