The dimensional thieves discover that managing a guild can be more trouble than it’s worth.

*WARNING* The following play session includes rules failures, drunken ramblings, and long tangents that made sense at the time.

Intro Music: Until I Sleep by Henry Homesweet

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4 comments on “The Strange Ep 8: Crowd Control

  1. Sam says:

    Aww Callisto’s conscience is showing. Apparently the key to making moral decisions is vodka shots

  2. Green says:

    That was a great half hour.

    Next winter try and get a hold of some Mad Elf – it’s a good time.

  3. Nate.T says:

    Fandible Rebel Radio has a drop! Love it.

  4. Darkfire says:

    One mistake you made is that Exception is an attack. You have to roll to hit with it and you can apply effort to up the damage or reduce the difficulty like any weapon attack. In fact most powers that effect others need to roll to see if it works or not. Otherwise enjoying the game so far.

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