The Strange Ep 3: Gloaming part 1 of 2

In a world of Gothic architecture and melodramatic supernatural creatures, the two thieves must findĀ their prize before they die from angst.

Intro Music:Ā Until I Sleep by Henry Homesweet

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4 comments on “The Strange Ep 3: Gloaming part 1 of 2

  1. Warren says:

    Guys, I’m assuming that was a genuine request for rules corrections:

    1) Physical damage
    Regular melee damage can’t usually be directed to the pool that you want, but you don’t die when Might reaches 0, only when all pools reach 0.

    Normal physical damage is applied to Might, until 0, then Speed until it is 0, then Intellect, until 0.

    You take penalties for a pool being at 0, but that’s it.

    2) Healing
    Any PC can heal 1d6 + Tier by taking progressively longer rests (Making recovery rolls)
    Your first one in a day takes just one action, second is 10 minutes, third is 1 hour, fourth is 10 hours.

    Healing with the healing skill is not defined mechanically, so it up to the GM what you can do with that from a ‘hit point’ perspective.

    3) Round length
    Not defined beyond being about 5-10 seconds each, so most abilities with time limits are not rigorously tracked (by default)

  2. Warren says:

    Healing skill is totally described in the book (I am the worst – clearly not enough Numenera / Strange playing for me).

    Difficulty level is the number of points that you’re attempting to heal. eg Trying to heal 4 points requires a 12 on the die (9 if you’re trained)

    Once per day per patient.

  3. FandibleDave says:

    Warren, thanks for the heads-up! I love The Strange and rules clarifications, but I would be remiss if I did not warn you, a loyal listener, of one fact: Oh man, it’s gonna get worse.

  4. Warren says:

    Oh, I know. :). I wouldn’t usually weigh in on rules (unless they were causing lack of fun), but you did ask.

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