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Two years.

Its been almost two years since 4 players came to my apartment and decided to play morally questionable servants of the Inquisition. Two years since I decided to record those sessions and post it on the internet, wondering if people might find our games interesting.

Funnily enough, I seemed to be right. Since then, we have played numerous games and have all had a chance in the GM chair. We have flown through space, had the crap scared out of us, played with magic and adventured in strange lands.  And, we have done it all without taking ourselves too seriously.

I decided to record these games because all of us love the characters we make and love to see how they work in each world. It is never about winning or losing, but the story that character can tell. And when you really play your characters, it makes for some great audio drama.

Now we have decided to expand a bit. The Fandiblog is our creative writing outlet. Whether through short stories, articles, thoughts about gaming, or whatever else crosses our mind, we needed a place to express ourselves on the wide world known as the web. Hopefully, those of us reading this blog will find it just as interesting as those of us writing it.

This is Jesus Rodriguez from the Fandible.com Roleplaying podcast. Thank you for reading and…. well … keep reading hopefully. I’m not going anywhere.

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4 comments on “Welcome to the Fandiblog

  1. The Architect says:

    Good to see Fandible expanding 🙂 It’s always a great listen so I bet this blog is going to be a great read 🙂

  2. Arvandus says:

    Thanks for coming over. Hopefully we have good content to post.

  3. Hexeter says:

    Just over a year ago I was introduced to Fandible by a friend of mine whom I was Gaming with through a Deathwatch Campaign. One fateful evening I said “Hey..there are tons of PodCasts for every game system but no examples of gameplay..that sucks” and suddenly up pops a link in my Skype window. ‘Go, Enjoy..be amazed” and I did..was and am. Even through the Systems I have NO clue about I find myself listening in and feeling like I am a part of things while I sit at my desk painting my Miniatures or writing up a Character for an extension of our own Fantasy Flight Campaign.

    I’ve always wanted to say thanks to you all for that..and now I can. So thank you to the entire Fandible crew!

  4. Arvandus says:

    Thank you for listening. I’m glad your having fun with us.

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