World/Chronicles of Darkness One Shots

Various one shots using the World/Chronicles of Darkness Rules system.

Chronicles of Darkness: Flesh and Chitin

Its been five years since civilization has collapsed and a group of survivors in Alcatraz have found a way to make this former prison their home. But, when a...

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Chronicles of Darkness: Waking Nightmare

A trip to a new world and hope for a new life for a group of colonists quickly becomes a nightmare as they are awoken to strange visitors intent...

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NWOD: NYC Zombiepocalypse part 4 of 4

In the final part of our zombie game, our survivors realize that the news doesn't always appreciate constructive criticism.

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NWOD: NYC Zombiepocalypse part 1 of 4

When New York City gets infested with the living dead, four luckless survivors do their best to survive. Will they reach safety, or will they succumb to the Zombie...

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