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Spirit of the Century: Cold as Mother Russia part 2 of 2

With thugs on one side and a possible Russian assassin on another, the team prepares to defend the physicist symposium. Will it just be another walk in the park for these pulp heroes or will they find their end in Cold as Mother Russia!!

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Spirit of the Century: Cold as Mother Russia part 1 of 2

Its 1925 and three members of the century club, the worldwide crime fighting organization, must stop a plot they themselves have only stumbled upon. Will these pulp heroes save the day or will their bodies become as Cold As Mother Russia!

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Atomic Robo Ep 1: The Deadliest Topping

The Tesladyne corporation has a proud history of Action scientists who go out into the field to search out new mysteries and new scientific theories to help mankind. Sadly, those guys are busy when a Tesladyne testing facility goes dark.

Can three “action” scientists and a intern figure out whats going on or will they suffer a fate worse then death…….well…actually….death is pretty horrible…OK, a fate worse then maiming.

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Legends of Anglerre: Two and a Half Bears

Using the Legends of Anglerre world creation system, the Fandible crew creates a unique world of Were-bear barbarians, dwarf-friendly fauns, and arrogant elves. Wait, arrogant elves… Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad.

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Dresden Files Ep 5: The Medieval Blues

Trapped in a time where witch burnings were a fun past time and the black plague was that new disease hitting the streets, the magic misfits must find a way from stopping the blue bloods from changing history. Of course, they will have to avoid changing history themselves in the process.

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