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Shadowrun: Prime part 2 of 2

Prepped and ready to go, the team heads to the docks to start their mission. Luckily there are some helpful Lonestar agents who would love to show them the way.

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Shadowrun: Prime part 1 of 2

Looking for a little cash for the holiday season, three shadowrunners take on a job to reevaluate a rival corps winter selection. Will they find all the answers or will they.. wait, why am I asking this question. This is Shadowrun, of course they’re gonna get screwed.

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Shadowrun Episode 0: Introduction

Welcome to the Fandible Podcast Shadowrun Feed. After nine years of weekly actual play podcasts, the primary Fandible Actual Play feed is overflowing. Literally. Most podcatchers can’t display all of our episodes anymore! But because our Shadowrun adventures are ongoing, we want to be sure you can easily find the complete story. Our Shadowrun comes…

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