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Working to undermine the God Machine, the agents discover that their plans may have dire consequences for the city of Seattle.

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7 comments on “Demon the Descent: Splintered City Ep 2

  1. Spencinator says:

    Ah, Fandible, long periods of terrible luck and incompetence topped with occasional moments of brilliance. You guys are the best, thanks for this!

  2. Lucek says:

    Hey guys You do realize soliciting money for the show means that people are paying you now because of your podcast. Joke about refunds are funny when we are talking about a show without financial support from fans, not so much when the opposite is true.

  3. CalmeIshma3l says:

    Expect Pateron is a voluntary portion of the podcast, like a hat for tips (that should totally be filled). So, still applicable.

  4. crawlkill says:

    I take it all back, the absurdly overpowered superpowers are the best. hilarious. I was disappointed they stole the angel’s cover so easily, but eh.

  5. rulescheck says:

    Your houserule around the 2 hour mark is mostly in line with the book. At the start of each Chapter (session) all the Demons gain the Condition of their Agendas. Once they Resolve it, it’s gone until next Chapter and can’t be used to gain Beats. However, Agenda Conditions can only grant one Beat per Chapter.

  6. Barsher Da Barsher says:

    Hey! Appreciate the assist on the rule clarification!

  7. Mawdrigen says:

    interview with the Car who Mugged Two Deamons

    “So my owner was going to the library late at night y’know, an she like pulls up an parks me. Then this honest to god cthulhu demon thing comes up an Zaps me! Well ‘m telling you man ‘m not having that, and start my shouting y’know. First time ever it works, that assholes down on the ground screaming like I popped an eardrum. Then his boy runs in and know this guys a demon too right. He pops my window, then like an asshole grabs my damn radio.

    This asshole better step off. So he starts dragging his friend off so I shriek extra loud and Cthulhu face falls down and grabs the guys belt.

    Asshole busted my window? He gets a cap in the ass in payback as his own freaking gun goes off and tags him.

    I swear to Henry Ford himself if they hadn’t scooted I’d’ve popped my parking brake and rolled over those klutzes…”

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