Demon the Descent: Splintered City Ep 3 part 2 of 2

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The location of the ritual found, the demons must do what they can to stop a potential apocalypse.

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5 comments on “Demon the Descent: Splintered City Ep 3 part 2 of 2

  1. CallmeIshma3l says:

    “Kraut Contol” Joe, cause no one could “pacify” a room of well armed Germans than Joe.

  2. Warren says:

    (If you haven’t listened to this ep don’t read this yet)

    David, you broke me for a good minute with “Wanna go halvsies on a murder”

    Also, around 0:20 you all say Strike First dozens of times, and EVERY time my brain adds “…Strike hard! No mercy!”

  3. TrystonG33K says:

    David, you should get your old psychic character from the first God-Machine game as a cover. An inept psychic journalist would be a wicked scape-goat cover for any demon, and the explanation could just be that he got too close to it all.

  4. Naivite says:

    Just catching up on this series run. I love it.
    When I first heard Old Joe’s attack, I misheard it as him throwing a “butter dish”. This entire scene was hilarious as it actually happened, but even better when I visualised a ceramic butter dish instead of a dull knife.
    “Kraut Control” indeed.

  5. Blackfyre says:

    I enjoyed this so very much. Thank you! Please. please continue playing Demon I would so love to see where your characters I are going.

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