Dungeons & Dragons: Coming of Age Ep 1 part 2 of 2

Dropped into the unknown, the heroes encounter strange beasts, bizarre machines, and a truly horrifying secret.

Intro Music: Future Gladiator by Kevin Macleod

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8 comments on “Dungeons & Dragons: Coming of Age Ep 1 part 2 of 2

  1. Sean B says:

    When did we wander into Dark Sun?
    Love these characters and great setting.

  2. TrystonG33K says:

    David, you need new dice, but damn your roleplay makes my day. “No disease is going to kill that man…”. I love it.

  3. Mike says:

    Kudos to the GM for making a fantasy setting I really like.

  4. PitViper says:

    Angela, if you’re interested in a nonmagical Ranger Wizards of the Coast created an official one as an example in their guide to modifying classes.


  5. Angela says:

    @PitViper – I have seen that! And I’m seriously considering multi-classing over in that direction when we next play. We recorded one more session of this before we discovered the nonmagical Ranger, so you’ll have to put up with my pure-barbarism for one more game at least.

  6. Barsher D Barsher says:

    We’ll just explain that the Barbarian rage comes from the Orc Blood in you!

  7. Mawdrigen says:

    Omg omg omg! I Ran a larp called shattered reality that one year actually dealt with a nation whose plan was to kill off all of the gods of the world because they considered them to be eating people’s souls!

    They nearly managed it too (pesky players)

    The fact the “gods” WERE eating people’s souls is neither here nor there!

    Really enjoyed this and hope to see more soon! First time in a while that d&d has sounded cool!

  8. Barsher D Barsher says:

    Fandible: Making D&D and Shadowrun seem cool 😀

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